Define Surrender

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Sorry about that. Hopefully this is worth the wait. Trying to decide what to start out again with was difficult, you guys have nominated some amazing people that I can’t wait to interview. That being said I am currently obsessed with the idea of surrendering,Continue reading “Define Surrender”

Define Self Love

Isn’t it crazy that when I searched studies on self love most of the articles were how to practice it? Why on earth do we have to practice something that should come to us naturally. When did we teach ourselves that we weren’t worthy of it? There will always be someone who can’t see yourContinue reading “Define Self Love”

Define Being Seen

As I started working on this post, the original title was ‘Define Compassion’. But if you listened to the Define Christie episode, you know that she mentioned Being Seen (and seeing others) as her main goal multiple times. Yes, this is a part of compassion. To stay true to her main message though I’ll beContinue reading “Define Being Seen”

Define Self Trust

I’m sensing a theme in the first few episodes of the Podcast…last post was on Self Awareness and the next one is actually on Self Acceptance. If you haven’t listened to Michelle’s episode I highly recommend it. What is Self-Trust and Why Do I Care? Self-trust is an important facet of self-acceptance. Cynthia Wall, authorContinue reading “Define Self Trust”

Define Self Awareness

Back in 2018 self-awareness became a huge buzzword for corporate leadership. Although other traits have taken the spotlight in that sphere, it’s still an important topic and thankfully a lot of great resources have been put together on the topic due to its fad phase.

Define Resilient

As I look at the global craziness and individual craziness happening around and try to figure out what needs to shift, the word resilient keeps coming to mind. Now when this happens I don’t want to read the Google Search response (although that’s a helpful starting point) I want to understand what it is, whyContinue reading “Define Resilient”

dance party

Worst. Dance. Ever.

I’m really not sure how to start this post…especially since the following story is one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. So, of course, I’m going to write about it for all the internet to see. It was a cold, January night. The frigid air a perfect comparison to my desolate dating life.Continue reading “Worst. Dance. Ever.”

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